Monday, 2 April 2018

NO MIRROR Makeup Challenge

Watch me do my makeup without a mirror!

Click on picture to watch me do my makeup!
Watch this hilarious video of me trying to do my makeup without a mirror to look at. I tried to go for a bold red matte lipstick just for an extra challenge. I hope you have a great time laughing at me complaining and trying. As long as I made you smile, I'll be happy! Comment down below something nice! 👍 Enjoy and I love you guys! 

Summer Lookbook

Summer 2018 Outfits Lookbook

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Here are 5 different outfits from affordable brands that I have put together including accessories and shoes/heels for summer. Some fo them are perfect for a day out and some perfect for a cute nights out. And most importantly, they are perfect to be worn in the hot weather like I did. Watch the video to see how I paired my outfits and I do hope you enjoy the video. Also, don't forget to comment down below in my video on what you think of the outfits! I would love to know :) 

SUMMER Wardrobe Essentials


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Whether you are heading out for a nights out or running errands, I have got you covered for the hot weather. You can wear there clothes literally anywhere even if you are going back to school! So if you are running out of ideas on what to wear for the summer, or summer is coming up wherever you live, these are some pieces of clothing that I must have in my wardrobe and that might help you dress up and look cute as well!

I hope you enjoy this video and comment down below what are some of your basic essentials in your wardrobe that I missed out because I would love to know! Also, it is an excuse for me to shop 😉

My Favourite Skincare

Body Lotions & Oils to combat dry skin

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For all of you lovelies out there who are facing dry skin problems and have found little to nothing that has worked for you, this is for you. 

Personally, I think it is very important to take care of your skin while you are still young by protecting it's elasticity and young glowy look. I am someone who suffered from dry skin because I love going for sun tanning without putting on any spf on my skin and I fly a lot for my job. All these drying conditions that I mostly out myself in, had caused my skin to become very dry, itchy and flaky. 

I never started putting on body moisturisers, lotions or oils until the day I realised I had to do something to help my skin when the itching got very bad. That was when my journey started where I ended up collecting and falling in love with the idea of moisturising and protecting my skin. I swear by these products because not only they protect my skin, they also keep it soft and moisturised throughout the day, all while giving a soft glow when the light shines. 

As you can see from the picture above, I have mentioned products like Elizabeth Arden, Bio oil and Rosken, among many other brands I have mentioned in the video. 

Enjoy and comment down below what are your favourites because I'm always on the hunt to try out new products! I hope I can at least help you in making your skin look better again. That would make me really happy because dry skin needs to go!